Writing may help with high asset divorce stress in Kentucky

Many Kentucky residents may have a difficult time dealing with stress. Unfortunately, if some of those individuals are going through a high asset divorce, there is a good chance that they will experience considerable stress. Therefore, parties may wish to explore coping techniques that could help them better work through their divorce issues.

A recent study utilized 109 individuals to determine the effects writing can have divorce-related stress. As part of the study, three writing assignments were given to groups of participants with each separate group having a different assignment. In one group, parties were tasked with creating an organized narrative of their experiences with divorce. The goal was to come up with an ending for their divorce story.

The study reportedly found that this type of writing provided more beneficial health effects when it came to reducing stress than simply emotional-fueled or emotionally-neutral writing. Some of the effects indicated a reduced heart rate and increase in heart rate variability. The effects were judged from the time before the writing assignments were completed and afterward. These results may indicate that narrative writing could help individuals better process stress involved in with ending a marriage.

Because high asset divorce can be especially stressful, Kentucky residents may want to find coping mechanisms that work best for them. By remaining emotionally level-headed throughout the process, individuals may have a better chance of making the decisions they will be happy with now and in the future. Parties may also wish to discuss their concerns and options with experienced attorneys to determine their best courses of action.

Source: psychcentral.com, “Writing Divorce as ‘Story’ May Ease Cardiovascular Effects of Stress“, Traci Pedersen, May 10, 2017