What you should know about gray divorce

There is no question that the baby boomer generation has had a great impact on the United States. Though phasing out of leadership roles in the workplace, the group continues to trail blaze in other areas of life. Currently, they are demonstrating the importance of living happily while nearing, or in, retirement. For some seeking to attain that happiness it involves ending their marriage.

“Gray Divorce”

While historically older couples were not a large group of individuals who sought divorce, statistics reveal a shift. In the 20 year span between 1990 and 2010, the rate of people who were older than 49 and divorced, doubled. Further, a quarter of all divorcing individuals in the United States are over 50 years old.

There are likely multiple reasons for this shift including the fact that older Americans are:

  • Independent
  • Physically active
  • Working longer
  • Living longer

Divorce Concerns

Of course the concerns of older divorcing couples are very different from those of their younger counterparts. While matters relating to the custody and support of children are generally most important for younger individuals who are in the midst of ending a marriage, for older people, nearing retirement, the focus is most often on financial matters.

Few baby boomers that opt to divorce are able to maintain the same lifestyle when they divorce, especially if they want to retire sooner rather than later. The concerns people going through this have are not limited to simply how to pay for a place to live and food to eat. Health benefits are another priority for those who are getting older and anticipating the need for more health care.

Seek Assistance

Regardless of the age and priorities of the person divorcing it is important to secure the best possible settlement. Working with a lawyer who focuses only on family law matters can be helpful in doing this.