Using child custody to spite other parent can be harmful

It is common for people to believe that hurting someone who has hurt them will allow them to feel better. However, that is often not the case. Much of the time, parties who choose to seek revenge can often end up hurting themselves or other loved ones as much or more than the person they intended to hurt. Because of this possibility, parents in particular may not want to use divorce and child custody as avenues for revenge.

When Kentucky parents attempt to get back at their exes through the divorce proceedings, children can suffer. Because children often want to retain relationships with both parents, having one parent intent on seeking revenge, badmouthing the other parent or carrying out other disparaging actions can may children immensely uncomfortable and stressed. They may also feel as if they must take sides.

In many instances, if one parent attempts to sabotage the relationship between the kids and the other parent, the children may end up having hard feelings toward the revenge-seeking parent. Additionally, trying to use custody arrangements to keep children away from a parent simply out of spite can prove harmful in the long run. Any emotionally-driven decisions made now could seem like bad moves when reflected upon later.

Child custody arrangements can have lasting impacts on the lives of the parents and the children. Because of this potential, Kentucky parents may want to do their best to find terms that work in the best interests of the kids and as well as possible for the parents. For individuals concerned with finding the right custody options for their circumstances, speaking with knowledgeable attorneys may prove useful.

Source:, “5 Reasons Why Divorce Is Not Revenge“, Morghan Leia Richardson, Feb. 12, 2018