Timing and gender of kids could impact divorce, child custody

Many Kentucky residents hope to have loving families of their own. Some people may choose to plan out each pregnancy so that the events occur at specific times in their lives, and others may find themselves pleasantly surprised by the news of pregnancy. Though having children can bring joy, it could also play a factor in divorce and subsequent child custody issues.

One way in which having children could increase the risk of divorce depends of the timing of the pregnancy and birth. Reports indicated that women who gave birth before they got married or within the first seven months of their marriages were more likely to get divorced before their 15th wedding anniversary. However, women who waited at least eight months after tying the knot to have a child were more likely to reach the 15th anniversary.

Another way children could impact divorce potential is if a firstborn child was a daughter. Apparently, couples who have a firstborn daughter face a higher chance of going through divorce. The exact reason for this statistic is unclear, but it may have to do with female children surviving difficult pregnancies more often than male children. If parents have already lost a child or faced hardships getting pregnant, the marriage may already be strained before the birth of the child.

No matter when children are born or what their genders are, parents often feel a great deal of love for them. Most Kentucky parents would likely never blame their divorce on their children and would simply want to ensure that the marriage dissolution and child custody proceedings have as few negative impacts as possible. In order to determine the potential options for coming to custody terms, interested parents may wish to discuss their cases with knowledgeable attorneys.

Source: The Huffington Post, “10 Things That Make You More Likely To Get Divorced“, Sarah Klein, Oct. 19, 2017