Talking with children may help when it comes to child custody

Feeling protective over their children is the natural instinct of parents. In some cases, they may find themselves becoming overprotective. When Kentucky parents are going through divorce, child custody issues may bring out this protective instinct, but rather than trying to shield their children from what is happening, they may want to talk with their kids.

It is likely that children will have questions after learning of their parents’ intentions to divorce. Some of those questions may seem difficult to answer, but simple answers often suffice more than parents think they will. For instance, parents could simply tell their children that they stopped loving each other when asked why they are divorcing, and while it may seem like an over simplification of a complicated matter, it may serve as the best and most easily understood answer for kids.

Additionally, it may be hard to remain emotionally neutral toward an ex, but it may be useful to do so for the kids. Some parents may instinctually want to keep their children to themselves as a way of protecting them, but really, nurturing a healthy relationship with both parents is often better for the kids. Children can suffer a great deal when one or both parents trash talk the other, especially to or in front of the kids.

It may be difficult for any parent to consider the possible outcomes of child custody proceedings, but those outcomes do not have to be dire. Kentucky parents may be able to work together to come to the best terms for their kids while also helping the children understand what is happening. Individuals who would like to better understand their legal options during this time may want to speak with knowledgeable attorneys.