Struggling parents may need child support modifications

Parents have many obligations to their children. After a divorce, some Kentucky parents may have the obligation of providing child support to the other parent to help meet the needs of the kids. In some cases, the support terms that were initially ordered do not always fit future circumstances, and some parents may find themselves in situations in which they need their support terms altered.

After a court has issued a child support order, parents do not have to believe that the terms are set in stone for the duration of their obligation. The court allows for modifications in the event that a paying parent faces a significant change in circumstances that makes it impossible to meet the current terms of the arrangement. Events like job loss, substantially decreased income, incarceration and others could warrant a change to support terms.

In order to pursue a change, a person may first want to speak with the other parent. If that parent agrees to changes, the process may go more smoothly. However, if parents cannot agree, the court will have the majority of say in whether the modification occurs and what any allowed changes will entail.

Changing a court order is not always easy. Still, if Kentucky parents cannot meet their child support obligations, it may be better to seek a modification rather than falling behind on payments and risking serious consequences. Individuals hoping to have their support terms altered to a more manageable arrangement may wish to come up with a game plan with their legal counsel that could help them present their cases to appropriate courts.