Specific reasons are needed for child custody modifications

After divorce, many Kentucky parents feel less than happy about certain outcomes. For some, they may feel that the child custody arrangements did not go entirely the way they wanted but feel that they can work with the terms. Others, however, may believe that a custody modification is in order.

Modifications to custody orders are not easy to achieve. Courts will not grant adjustments for just any reason. However, if a parent believes that the children are in danger at the other household, it may give reason to review the arrangements. The court will look to determine whether any abuse is taking place, whether the child does not want to stay in the home and if the child could be in immediate danger. If these elements are present, changes are likely warranted.

Another reason that a parent may have cause to seek a custody modification is if one parent refuses to follow the terms or scheduling. The court will look at the current parenting plan, how well the parents are communicating about the schedule and why the parent has not been following the plan. If one parent is ignoring the conditions of the arrangement simply to interfere with the other parent’s custody time, there may be reason to seek adjustments.

Many parents may feel as if child custody proceedings did not go their way. However, the court carefully considers the best interests of the child when determining custody terms. Still, these arrangements may not always be the best, and if Kentucky parents believe that they may need to protect their children from harmful situations, seeking modifications may prove wise.