Scheduling plays an important part in child custody, school time

Many Kentucky parents may have recently gone through divorce. Though they finally came to conclusions regarding various important matters, like child custody, it may still take them a considerable amount of time to make a solid routine out of their new circumstances. Parents may have fared well during the summer break, but now that kids are going back to school, they may find themselves facing new challenges.

Because routine and scheduling is often important when parents are divorced, it can be wise to sit down with a personal calendar and the school calendar to determine what arrangements parents may need to make. The exact decisions will depend on the type of custody terms that are applicable. Parents who have joint custody and are co-parenting may have a vastly different schedule than parents who may have sole custody or only visitation rights.

Parents often need to make accommodations for certain activities and events on the school calendar. For instance, who will pick up the kids from school when they have an early dismissal day, or who will watch the kids on school holidays? Knowing ahead of time can help make sure that parents are on the same page and that the custody terms can be effectively worked into the schedule.

In a best case scenario, parents can work together to create a routine that will help their kids adjust to starting school with divorced parents. Of course, this task is not always easy. Some Kentucky parents may face contention and violations of child custody terms that make the situation unnecessarily difficult. If so, they may want to consult with their legal counsel about how to address violations of agreements.