Robert Meachem facing child support struggles

Most everyone has obligations in life that they must manage. When those responsibilities are not properly handled, serious problems could occur for everyone involved. Paying child support is one task for which individuals could face severe punishment if payments are not made as dictated. Kentucky residents may be interested in such a case involving former NFL player Robert Meachem.

After Meachem and his now ex-wife divorced in 2015, the pair gained joint custody of their two children. However, Meachem was ordered to pay child support and alimony to his ex. The total amount of monthly support owed was reported as $20,000. Since then, Meachem has apparently fallen behind on payments and has accrued approximately $400,000 in unmade payments.

The former football player was recently sentenced to 30 days in jail due to his back child support. If he is able to pay his ex $100,000 before his sentence is up, he may be released early. In his defense, Meachem apparently stated that he had millions of dollars stolen from him by former business associates.

When a person faces a substantial change in income or other related circumstances, he or she could seek modifications to a child support agreement. If that change is verified and accepted by the court, payments could potentially be reduced to a more manageable amount that makes it easier for the parent to make the payments. If Kentucky residents are struggling with their support payments due to job loss, cut backs or other issues, they may wish to discuss this possible option with experienced family law attorneys.

Source: New York Post, “NFL standout jailed for not paying $400K in child support“, Feb. 15, 2017