Relaxation, mindfulness may help during high asset divorce

Everyone needs to get an adequate amount of sleep in order to function at their best. Of course, getting in those solid snoozing hours is not always easy, and when going through high asset divorce, many Kentucky residents may find sleep particularly elusive. Because sleeplessness and stress can have negative impacts on cognitive abilities, individuals going through divorce may want to take time to relax in hopes of avoiding hasty decision-making.

One way to help relieve stress and allow the body to feel better is to take healthy steps. These actions could involve literal steps due to being physically active, or they could involve eating healthy foods and drinking enough water. When individuals allow their bodies to feel good, their minds may also follow.

Parties could also practice mediation or yoga. According to reports, approximately 40 minutes of mediation has the same benefits as gaining three hours of sleep. When the brain remains stressed and sleep is difficult to come by, this benefit could be immensely helpful to tense individuals hoping to relax. Additionally, gaining this mindfulness could help when it comes to making important legal decisions.

Because focus and clarity are important during marriage dissolution proceedings, especially in high asset divorce cases, finding ways to reduce stress could be substantially useful. Another helping factor could include seeking assistance throughout the legal process. Experienced family law attorneys could help interested Kentucky residents better understand their options, how to address their substantial assets and what tactics could potentially allow them to work toward their desired outcomes as smoothly as possible.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorce Can Wreak Havoc in Your Life — Use These 10 Strategies to Rest and Recharge“, Ingrid Prueher, Dec. 1, 2017