Preparing for high asset divorce cases may be beneficial

When Kentucky residents go through the proceedings necessary to end their marriage, they may face many concerns. For those going through a high asset divorce, working to maintain their wealth may become a top priority. Luckily, there are steps individuals could take to help ensure that they are doing their best to preserve their wealth.

Many wealthy individuals already know that time is money. Therefore, they may wish to take the time to prepare for their cases before proceedings get well underway. By building a team that could help address any issues that may arise during their divorce, individuals may be better able to keep their cases from getting unnecessarily drawn out. This team could also help individuals keep information organized and easily accessible.

Organized records could also help parties preserve their wealth. By having documentation regarding assets, debts and income, individuals may be prepared to disclose what assets and property should be considered separate and what may be considered marital property. Claims of separate property must be proven with documentation, and having the correct paperwork could allow parties to have an advantage when working on maintaining ownership of assets.

Losing out on wealth and property due to simple mistakes may weight heavily on the minds of affected individuals. Therefore, Kentucky residents may wish to ensure that they take the time to prepare for their cases as they see fit. Speaking with their legal counsel could allow interested individuals to gain further insight into what actions may help them work toward the goals they desire to achieve during their high asset divorce.

Source:, “Navigating divorce by using a business mindset“, Mark Scott, Jan. 1, 2017