Preparing for alimony negotiations may help Kentucky residents

The idea of needing to pay spousal maintenance after a divorce may put many individuals’ teeth on edge. Some parties may think that alimony is unnecessary or that their support terms are unfair. If Kentucky residents have fears that their spousal support terms may be too much for their circumstances, they may want to find out their options for negotiating those terms.

One man in another state recently suffered unfortunate setbacks after falling behind on his support. Reports indicated that he was sentenced to two years in jail due to owing $250,000 in child and spousal support. The annual support awarded to his ex-wife totaled over $31,000, and the man’s yearly income was less than $30,000. This difference was likely a contributing factor in his falling behind on support payments.

The alimony owed to his wife was deemed permanent, meaning that the duration of the support was long-term and unlikely to end in the near future. This type of support duration was often awarded in the past due to fewer women being in the workforce. Now, however, many women are able to maintain gainful employment, and some individuals may think that permanent spousal support may cause undue burden on those obligated to pay.

If Kentucky residents hope that their alimony terms are found agreeable, they may wish to find out how to prepare for negotiations on this topic. In some cases, individuals may have addressed spousal support amounts if they have created a prenuptial agreement. If such a document was not created, individuals may still be able to come to amicable terms. Discussing their concerns with experienced attorneys may help individuals better understand how this type of support may be awarded.

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