Parents may want to make child custody exchanges less contentious

The contention that can come with decisions made during divorce does not always come to an end when the marriage dissolution is finalized. For instance, Kentucky parents may have issues regarding child custody, even if they have a joint custody arrangement. In particular, custody exchanges can sometimes be points where parents have to directly interact, and it can at times cause conflict.

If there are concerns about how the exchange will go, parents can take steps to make the situation as conflict-free as possible. If having the children picked up or dropped off at either parent’s home is not feasible, parents may want to find a public location to conduct the exchange. Knowing that other individuals will be around may help lessen the potential for disputes.

Remaining level-headed can also help the situation. If a parent expects to lose his or her temper with the other parent, the situation can be contentious before the exchange even takes place. By staying calm, parents may be able to reduce the chance of having a serious argument in public or in front of the children.

There are some cases in which Kentucky parents may have too much hostility to effectively conduct custody exchanges. If so, some parents may want to consider the best way to handle the situation, especially when it comes to avoiding possible negative impacts on the kids. Individuals in these circumstances may want to discuss their options with their attorneys. This step may be particularly useful if there may be cause for child custody modifications to take place.