Older Kentucky residents may be interested in alimony information

Many individuals face considerable changes after going through divorce. The effects can range from the emotional to the financial, and anyone, including Kentucky residents, may wonder how they will move forward as a single individual. Because older women can be particularly affected by the effects of divorce, they may wish to determine what their future finances could look like and how they would like to approach potential alimony.

It was recently reported that women who divorce at older ages tend to face more financial hardships due to a variety of factors. Some women may choose to leave the workforce during their marriages in order to care for their children, and as a result, they may have trouble landing new jobs after divorce. Additionally, under these circumstances, women who do find places in the workforce may be paid less than they had hoped.

The report also stated that a survey of approximately 56,000 women indicated that those who divorced at older ages were more likely to still be working full time between the ages of 50 and 74. It was also noted that 22 percent of divorced women over the age of 80 were considered poor. As a result, they may wish to pay particular attention to the financial aspects of their divorces.

Many individuals would likely not wait until they are in dire straits financially to take action, and luckily, Kentucky residents who are going through divorce may be able to use that process to plan for their financial futures. Alimony is a commonly awarded income supplement that stems from the end of a marriage, and individuals may wish to determine how to go about obtaining the alimony awards they desire. Experienced attorneys may be able to assist interested individuals in creating their legal strategies.

Source: CBS News, “The devastation of divorce for older women“, Aimee Picchi, Oct. 21, 2016