New Kentucky law says joint child custody is best for kids

Though parents often believe that divorce is the best option when the relationship is no longer happy and healthy, they still worry about the impacts the changes will have on their children. There will be many adjustments that need to be made as the marriage comes to an end, and in particular, concerns often surround child custody proceedings. Parents may wonder what the best approach to custody terms is, but a new Kentucky law may impact how parents view this part of the proceedings.

It was recently reported that a new bill was signed last month relating to custody proceedings in the state. The law requires court systems to make the presumption that joint custody is the arrangement that works in the best interests of the children. The hope is that this presumption will lead to less conflict between parents during the custody phases of their divorces.

Of course, this law, which goes into effect in June, does not mean that every case will result in a joint custody outcome. If one parent is not fit to raise the children due to a history of domestic violence or other serious issues, there are terms in the law that take these factors into consideration. Overall, advocates for the law hope that more children will see beneficial outcomes of custody proceedings.

Laws can always play a significant role in the results of child custody arrangements, and this one may have many Kentucky parents wondering what it could mean for their cases. Whether individuals are already moving through the divorce process or may start soon, it could prove wise to gain more information on this custody law change. Speaking with knowledgeable attorneys who stay updated on changes like these may help concerned parties gain reliable insight.