Money issues could lead to a high asset divorce in Kentucky

Many Kentucky residents may question whether the time has come to end their marriages. The circumstances under which a person lives his or her life could greatly impact this decision, and it is rarely an easy one to make. Even for parties with a considerable amount of money, relationships can dwindle, and as the saying goes, money cannot buy happiness, which could mean a high asset divorce is on the horizon.

One issue that may have individuals considering divorce is the manner in which one spouse handles money. Though the financial aspect of a marriage may have seemed fine for years, if one spouse begins changing accounts, seemingly hiding money or taking other unusual or irresponsible moves with money, it may throw up a red flag. One party may feel that unnecessary spending could lead to serious issues, and if a person is already moving funds, that individual could already be considering divorce him or herself.

Another sign that a person may be looking to end the relationship is that the reasons for staying together are not very good. For instance, an individual may simply want to remain married in order to avoid the difficulties associated with divorce, potential money issues or possible custody issues. If so, the relationship may not be a healthy one.

Choosing to end a marriage, especially one that requires a high asset divorce, may seem daunting. Of course, in some cases, this course of action may be the only route to better ensure future happiness. If some Kentucky residents are considering ending their marriages but have concerns regarding how assets and financial aspects of the case could impact the proceedings, they may wish to speak with knowledgeable attorneys.

Source:, “Is your marriage over? 7 signs it is and 5 it’s not“, Rose Kennedy, Jan. 24, 2018