Monetary issues could impact marriage, high asset divorce

Every Kentucky resident’s life is unique, and as a result, the relationships they form are equally unique. Each marriage can have its own set of happy circumstances as well as negative points, and those relationships can also have varying balances of each. When a marriage has more negative aspects, some well-heeled parties may find themselves looking into a high asset divorce.

There are a variety of reasons that parties may choose to end their relationships. However, monetary issues is a common factor that leads individuals to call it quits. Some people may think that having a substantial amount of money would prevent arguments over finances, but wealthy individuals are also susceptible to money problems. Commonly, if one party has different spending habits than the other, arguments could easily arise.

Additionally, if a business owner faces significant losses, the strain resulting from those losses could cause relationship conflict. In some cases, parties may be able to create a financial plan to offset those losses, but if the situation becomes troublesome, the marriage may also take hard hits. For some, financial issues could be the final straw that makes it too difficult to remain married.

If monetary issues were a significant factor in causing strife during the marriage, there is a possibility that it could continue to cause contention during dissolution proceedings. If the case is a high asset divorce, Kentucky residents may wish to determine their best avenues for protecting their assets and working toward the outcomes they desire. Consulting with their legal counsel could allow interested parties to gain additional perspective and advice on various avenues.

Source:, “The 7 Most Common (And Sad) Reasons For Divorce“, Linda Anderson, July 20, 2017