Mike Epps to pay thousands in alimony to ex-wife

Many Kentucky residents may think that celebrities have it all. Numerous individuals may believe that lavish lifestyles, fame and appearing to have enough income to go around adds up to the perfect life. However, even individuals in the spotlight can face considerable difficulties, and divorce is one of those situations. When this type of event occurs, a high net worth could potentially lead to considerable alimony and other support payments.

Mike Epps is currently facing such a situation as the terms of his divorce settlement were recently revealed. Reports stated that after approximately 10 years of marriage, Epps filed for divorce from his wife. Chenelle Epps stated that she was caught off guard by the ending of the marriage, but she also attributed the dissolution to Epps’ apparent involvement with another woman.

As part of the settlement, Epps is to pay Chenelle $25,000 a month in alimony for six and a half years. Additionally, because the couple have two children together, Epps must also pay $15,000 a month in child support and tuition for the kids’ private school. Royalties from his various entertainment ventures will also be split.

For many individuals — celebrity and non-celebrity alike — alimony can often act as a contentious part of divorce settlements. However, the payments could prove beneficial to the person receiving them. Whichever side of the situation a party may be on, it could prove wise to consider the various options that could potentially help concerned Kentucky residents work toward their desired outcomes. Speaking with experienced attorneys could help interested parties better understand their options.

Source: bet.com, “Risk It All: Here’s How Much Mike Epps’ Divorce Is Costing Him“, Jasmine Washington, Sept. 7, 2017