Mediation may help Kentucky parents with child custody decisions

Most Kentucky parents know that any major life change could potentially have negative impacts on their kids. However, some of those changes are unavoidable, and if parents feel that the time has come to end their marriage, they may wish to find the way that could cause the least amount of negativity, especially when coming to child custody decisions. If so, many parties may wish to consider mediation.

When most people think of divorce and custody issues, they often picture a courtroom setting with each parent doing their best to fight the other. However, this type of scenario does not have to be reality. In fact, mediation can allow parents to work together with a neutral third party to come to custody terms and other decisions.

One major benefit of mediation is that it can quickly resolve disputes when parties willingly work together, and because of this aspect, the process may end sooner and more smoothly. As a result, children may face less time during which they worry about their parents going through legal proceedings. Additionally, mediation can help both parents work together to come to custody terms that they each find agreeable.

Wanting the best for their kids is not usual for Kentucky parents. Though they may know that divorce could have a considerable impact on their lives, they likely also know that the end results may lead to better living arrangements than if they stayed in an unhappy marriage. If parents would like to consider mediation or other options for coming to child custody decisions, they may want to utilize local legal resources for more information.

Source:, “How Divorce Meditation Can Help Your Children?“, Gary Wilkinson, Dec. 1, 2017