March is the most common month for divorce

It’s come to light in recent years that March is the top month for filing for divorce. This was first based on anecdotal evidence from lawyers as well as tracking of search engines, but it is now supported by a University of Washington study conducted by sociology professor Julie Brines and doctoral candidate Brian Serafini.

The two researchers examined legal data in Washington State between 2001 and 2015 and found that divorce filings consistently spiked in March with August coming in a close second. The reasons for divorce are as many and as unique as the relationships themselves, but there are a number of theories about why March is so popular for filing.

  1. Oftentimes a spouse will come to a realization during a stressful holiday season, but they will then delay until March as they come to grips with their revelation, seek initial legal advice and then file the papers.
  2. Couples will often get their finances in order for filing income taxes, making it an ideal time to take stock of the family’s assets and see what that new financial reality would look like.
  3. Like the other popular divorce month of August, March is often a month for vacations. The final decision may come after one last family trip that doesn’t live up to (or unfortunately fulfills) their expectations.
  4. According to the study, the longer days and increased activity of March elevates a person’s mood enough to encourage them to feel better about themselves and optimistic about taking steps toward new future.

Whatever the reasons for divorce, one of the first important steps is seeking the legal advice of a lawyer versed in family law and divorce. Even if you don’t expect to take your spouse to court, an attorney looking after your interests and legal rights will be a tremendous asset for drawing up a fair and equitable arrangement that considers the entire family.