Man sentenced to jail due to failing to pay child support

Raising children is no easy or inexpensive task. When parents divorce and one parent obtains primary custody, that parent may need child support in order to make ends meet and make sure the children have what they need. Of course, some parents may not receive the payments that they should and could end up struggling nonetheless.

Kentucky readers may be interested in a case of nonpayment involving a man in another state. Reports indicated that the man was charged with nonsupport of child, which is a felony, after not making support payments for over 14 years. The man recently appeared in court to address the allegations against him, and he pleaded guilty to the charge.

As a result of his plea, the man was sentenced to five years in custody. However, the terms of that sentence include serving one year in jail and four years probation. The man is also ordered to pay almost $30,000 for his lack of past payment. It appeared that the support was for only one child.

Child support cases and nonpayment can be tricky situations to navigate. Custodial parents have a right to obtain the support they need, and if a paying parent cannot meet the terms set forth by the court, he or she may need to consider options for seeking support modifications. Whatever the case may be, Kentucky parents struggling with support may want to speak with knowledgeable attorneys about their options. These legal professionals could provide information on how to work toward obtaining payment or how to pursue needed modifications to current orders.