Legal options may help Kentucky residents with child custody

Divorce is known to have serious impacts on those involved, and even those close to a divorcing couple may feel the repercussions. Children are particularly susceptible to being immensely impacted by divorce, and though parents may want to do the best they can when it comes to child custody, it is not uncommon for problems and disagreements to occur. Although the first course of action to deal with these issues may be to talk it out, sometimes just talking is not enough.

If Kentucky residents are unsuccessful when it comes to discussing their custody arrangements on their own, there are options for amicable resolutions. Mediation is one option in which individuals can sit down with each other, along with a mediator, in order to work on their disagreements. The mediator may assist with negotiations when it comes to problem solving and ensuring that both parties are heard.

An option for those who may not be able to move forward in the most agreeable way is litigation. If parties are part of a high-conflict situation, they may have gone through tense court proceedings during their divorce. As a result, they may feel that litigation is the most feasible option for working toward the outcomes that they feel are best for their particular circumstances.

Because each case is different, there is not one set process that works for everyone. Luckily, individuals may be able to choose from multiple legal options when it comes to sorting out any child custody issues they may be facing. Kentucky residents interested in taking advantage of one of those routes may wish to find out more information by contacting a family law professional.

Source:, “But What if We Can’t Agree? 6 Ways To Resolve Legal Custody Issues“, Rebecca A. Myers, Sept. 30, 2016