Kentucky residents may worry about unfair divorce outcomes

Though making the decision to end a marriage can be tough, so can the idea of not gaining the best settlement after legal proceedings. Most Kentucky residents facing divorce may have a fear that their end results will be unfair or that the process will seem unfair overall. While there may be little individuals can do to completely dispel this thought, they may be able to take action to work toward the best outcomes possible.

One issue that could potentially cause individuals to feel cheated involves one party hiding assets. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people to attempt to hide property or rearrange funds in hopes of keeping them from being included in the property division process, especially in high asset divorce cases. If an individual gets away with this action, it may understandably feel unfair.

Parents may also worry that their custody agreements may seem unfair. Even if joint custody is awarded, one parent may act in an immature manner that makes the situation more difficult for everyone involved. In worse cases, one parent may even attempt to use the kids against the other parent to get what he or she wants.

Certainly, if any of these issues arise from a divorce, it can feel overwhelming, frustrating and unfair. Fortunately, Kentucky residents may be able to head off some of these outcomes by taking action during their legal proceedings. Parties can take steps to uncover hidden assets, and parents can ensure that they work toward the custody terms that keep the best interests of their kids at the forefront. In order to find the most viable ways of carrying out these actions, concerned parties may want to consult with their legal counsel.