Kentucky residents may fear falling behind on child support

Owing support to a custodial parent is not an unusual responsibility for individuals to have. Unfortunately, struggling to make those child support payments is also not uncommon. Kentucky residents who are required to make these payments may find themselves falling behind, and as a result, they could find themselves in serious legal predicaments or even being taken into custody.

It was recently reported that four men in another state were arrested on charges relating to child support arrears. Apparently, two of the men were charged with failing to obey a child support order. One of the men was released from custody on his own recognizance, and the other man was still in a county jail at the time of the report. The second man had apparently been unable to make a $9,260 bail.

In addition to those men, another man was arrested after being served a bench warrant for non-support. He was also released from custody. The fourth man taken into custody was still in jail after a $3,400 bail was not posted. It was not mentioned what specific charges he was facing.

Though some individuals may try their best to make their support payments, if the amount is too difficult to meet, falling behind on payments may be a realistic fear. If Kentucky residents want to remain in control of their child support and potentially avoid criminal charges, they may wish to consider seeking support modifications. Gaining more information on this option from experienced attorneys may allow concerned individuals to determine whether it could help their specific situations.

Source:, “Four Ulster men charged with child support offenses“, Oct. 24, 2016