Kentucky parents may schedule around holiday child custody term

It is that time of year again when cold weather and Christmas carols abound. For many individuals, the holiday season means hunting for the perfect gifts and figuring out family get-togethers. For recently divorced Kentucky parents, the latter issue may seem even more difficult as child custody agreements may determine how schedules are set.

In many cases in which parents share custody of the children, parents often divide holidays as per their custody terms. As a result, the parents may alternate holidays or split time for each holiday in order for the kids to see both parents. Whatever the arrangement may be, it is likely important that both parents are on the same page when it comes to times for pick ups and drop offs and where the kids will spend each holiday.

Though the situation may seem stressful, working to make the scheduling and visitations easy on the kids may be most important. Therefore, parents may want to avoid squabbling over insignificant details and expressing negative thoughts about the holiday custody arrangements, especially in front of the children. If individuals do have concerns with their custody terms, they may wish to speak with their attorneys.

If Kentucky parents are finding that their child custody terms relating to the holidays are causing troublesome issues, they may wish to seek modifications. These changes to agreements could help the holidays move forward more smoothly. Of course, modifications may not always be warranted, and individuals may wish to consult with experienced legal counsel in order to determine what steps may be most useful for enforcing custody terms.

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