Kentucky parents may fight for child custody rights

Many parents may face struggles when it comes to being able to spend time with their kids. Some Kentucky residents may relate to one out-of-state man who is currently facing child custody issues regarding to his twin infants. Reports stated that the twins’ mother told the man he was not the father and that she had a DNA test done to confirm it. However, the woman never actually carried out such testing, and she told other individuals that the man was the father.

Rather than keeping the children, the woman gave the daughter and son to two separate families with whom she was acquainted. When the twins were approximately 6 months old, an agent from an adoption agency took the son, who is now in the process of being adopted. The woman who was caring for the son was upset by the situation, and as a result, she informed the man that he is indeed the father of the twins.

The man then contacted the twins’ mother, and she also told him he is the father. Now, the man is working on obtaining a DNA test that would allow him to confirm this information in order to bolster his attempts of gaining custody of the babies. However, because the son is already in the process of being adopted, the man faces considerable complications.

The majority of parents want the opportunity to love their children and be a part of their lives. Unfortunately, certain circumstances would make those desires seem out of reach. Luckily, individuals who would like to take such action could follow legal routes for potentially gaining child custody or visitation rights. Interested residents may wish to speak with experienced Kentucky attorneys for more information.

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