Kentucky kids may feel affects of child custody transitions

When it comes time for a marriage to end, many Kentucky residents may have a hard time breaking the news to their children. Young children can be especially affected by such news as they will likely have their lives considerably changed once child custody terms are agreed upon. However, many parents may be able to work together to make the transition as smooth as possible.

News of divorce can often cause children to feel intense emotion, and, as a result, their behavior may reflect that they are having trouble dealing with the situation. If parents notice that their children may be negatively coping with the idea of seeing their parents separately or having to make trips to different homes, they may wish to determine what actions they could take to make the children more comfortable. In some cases, it may simply take time for the adjustment.

However, keeping an open avenue of communication could prove vastly beneficial. If both parents are open to discussing the changes and possible outcomes of the divorce with the kids, the children may better understand what is happening. As a result, they may have a better chance of successfully comprehending and adjusting to the changes.

Of course, child custody terms will have a substantial impact on the children. Therefore, parents may do well to keep the best interests of their kids in mind when working to create agreements. If there is uncertainty among parents as to what arrangements may be best, experienced Kentucky divorce attorneys may be able to provide useful information on how to potentially come to the best terms.

Source:, “Helping children understand divorce“, Kimberly Barbour, Jan. 13, 2017