Kate Hudson, Chris Robinson facing child custody evaluation

Making decisions regarding their children can prove difficult for many Kentucky parents. However, if parents decide to divorce, many decisions must be made regarding the custody of their children. Because those decisions may have been hard to agree on, some parents may find themselves wanting to modify a child custody agreement later on.

It was recently reported that well-known actress Kate Hudson and ex-husband Chris Robinson are confronting custody complications of their own. Apparently, the couple came to custody terms for their now 12-year-old son during their divorce a decade ago when the boy was 2 years old. However, Robinson has petitioned the court presumably to seek custody modifications to the former couple’s agreement. It was not expressly detailed what may have led to this action.

As part of the process, an evaluator appointed by the court will review and assess the current custody arrangement, the terms of which were not given in the report. Various personal records will be considered, and the evaluator will provide a written report in tandem with the evaluation. Psychological, drug and alcohol tests could potentially be required if deemed necessary.

Child custody can have issues no matter how long an agreement or court order has been in place. As a result, some Kentucky residents could find themselves facing similar predicaments in which one parent may wish to have a prior order re-evaluated. Because many steps are necessary to complete an assessment and potentially pursue modifications, interested individuals may wish to enlist the assistance of experienced attorneys to better understand their options.

Source: Fox News, “Kate Hudson and ex-husband Chris Robinson back in court over child custody“, March 1, 2017