High asset divorce cases may prove complicated in Kentucky

Individuals may feel the need to end their marriages after any duration of being together. When the couple have been married for decades, the separation process could become more complicated, especially if there are considerable assets involved. High asset divorce may lead individuals to face complications regarding property division and alimony, and the parties involved will likely want to make the most out of their cases in efforts to achieve their desired outcomes.

Kentucky residents may be interested in a divorce case currently underway involving billionaire Bill Gross. Reports stated that his wife recently filed for divorce after more than three decades of marriage. Details on what may have led to the filing were not disclosed in the report, and the wife’s legal counsel was not reached for comment on the case.

A representative for Gross also did not provide comment on the situation. The report went on to state that Gross has an estimated net worth of $2.4 billion due to his various business ventures. It was unclear whether the couple had a prenuptial agreement in place or how their considerable wealth may be divided during the divorce proceedings.

Because there are many particulars that could come along with a high asset divorce, Kentucky residents who are facing such circumstances may wish to prepare for their cases as best as possible. Speaking with their legal counsel could help them with strategies for approaching their situations in addition to gaining a better understanding of the legal proceedings ahead. Gaining insight from experienced professionals could also help interested individuals feel more comfortable as their cases proceed.

Source: Reuters, “Wife of billionaire Pimco co-founder Bill Gross files for divorce“, Jennifer Ablan and Dan Levine, Dec. 8, 2016