High asset divorce and a narcissistic ex can pose complications

Dealing with the necessary choices that must be made when ending a marriage can be difficult in itself. When going through a high asset divorce, those choices may seem even more daunting as the decisions could have considerable financial implications. Unfortunately, some Kentucky residents may have even more issues to handle if they are divorcing narcissists.

Though a person may have an arrogant attitude, it does not necessarily make him or her a narcissist. Typically these individuals lack empathy, and because of this, the divorce process may immediately become a battle rather than having the potential for understanding and compromise. A narcissist generally does not want to understand and only wants what will work best for his or her situation.

Because of the difficulties dealing with substantial assets and a narcissistic ex can present, individuals in this type of predicament may want to do their best to to avoid rising to the narcissist’s bait. Often these parties will attempt to change topics or make false accusations in hopes of downplaying the other individual’s concerns. As a result, a person may feel the need to defend against those accusations, which could then result in a drawn out process.

When dealing with high asset divorce, narcissists and numerous other factors of a complicated case, having professional assistance can often prove beneficial. Rather than attempting to defend themselves against their exes, individuals may simply wish to speak with their legal counsel and allow those attorneys to make statements on their clients’ behalves. Obtaining information on feasible avenues for dealing with this type of case may help concerned Kentucky residents.

Source: The Huffington Post, “8 Simple Rules When Divorcing a Narcissist“, Lisa Helfend Meyer, Dec. 13, 2017