Helping you protect yourself and your kids in divorce

As our Fort Mitchell readers know, even the best of marriages can be difficult at times. And when a marriage unravels, divorce can bring to the fore a lot of pent-up anger, sadness, frustration and resentment.

While it can be productive for an adult to work through those feelings, it can be harmful to children to be exposed to the raw adult emotions their divorcing parents experience. A recent news article on divorce and child custody matters outlines some steps people can take to help protect their kids as they move through the legal process of divorce.

A psychologist interviewed for the article says when communication between divorcing parents falters, they are often tempted to use their children as go-betweens and messengers. Resist that temptation, she says. The result of using your child to relay messages to your spouse or ex can be “a rupture in the relationship between the parent and child.”

The child might feel used and worse, pressured to make an impossible choice and take sides in a dispute between parents. Rather than put a child in that no-win position, find a way to communicate with your spouse or ex.

Another temptation that sometimes presents itself to divorcing parents is the urge to share with their children details of their marital disagreements. This is another temptation to turn aside, says the psychologist. Don’t use your kids for emotional support. You are the adult and you are supposed to be the support for your children, not the other way around.

The article contains other advice as well, some of which might prove useful in your situation.

At the law office of Mark A. Ogle, Attorney at Law, we know divorce is one of life’s most trying times. We can help you protect your children as you protect yourself throughout the legal process.