Hedge fund owner Bill Ackman entering high asset divorce

Every divorce case has its own set of details that contribute to the simplicity or complexity of the proceedings. In many high asset divorce cases, the details tend to lead to more complex issues as the financial aspects of these cases can cause much tension. Of course, the personal lives of the individuals involved can also lead to potential complications if emotions begin to run high.

Kentucky residents may be interested in a billion-dollar divorce currently underway in another state. Investor and hedge fund owner Bill Ackman and his wife of 25 years recently filed for divorce. Ackman has a reported net worth of approximately $1.6 billion as of last year, though his company apparently faced a $4 billion loss recently.

It was unclear whether the couple had created any type of prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, but the report indicated that his wife is currently in line to potentially obtain half of Ackman’s wealth as part of the divorce. It was also noted that his ex is displeased with the fact that Ackman has already begun a new relationship. It is unclear how this emotional factor could play into the settlement outcomes.

When dealing with high asset divorce issues, having the right assistance could make a considerable difference. Kentucky residents who are facing such divorce issues may wish to discuss their options with their legal counsel. Experienced family law attorneys can offer valuable insight into asset protection and how state and federal laws could potentially affect the outcomes of property division, alimony and other support payments.

Source: jewishvoiceny.com, “Ackman’s “Big Money” Divorce Gets Complex Due To New Relationship“, Anat Ghelber, March 29, 2017