Feeling of hopelessness could lead to high asset divorce

Marriage can often cause many people to feel their happiest. In the wake of their weddings and vows, they may feel as if their lives are on the right track. It is likely, though, that many people may find this happy feeling fading over the years, and as marital problems creep in, some Kentucky residents may find themselves considering high asset divorce.

The common saying is that money cannot buy happiness, and even individuals with a high net worth can feel hopeless at times. This feeling of hopelessness when applied to a marital relationship may be a major predictor of divorce. One couples therapist stated that this feeling is a sign she often looks for when couples are considering ending their relationships. If this feeling does exist, it often signifies the end.

Disappointment, depression and disillusionment can all fall into this hopeless feeling. Typically, a spouse that feels hopeless also feels indifferent when it comes to trying to fix marital issues. At this point, that lack of caring does not bode well for finding resolutions and keeping the relationship going. As a result, divorce could be in the near future.

If this feeling of hopelessness exists, it does not necessarily mean that a couple should not make every effort they feel comfortable with if they want to save their marriage. Of course, if the decision to end the relationship does come about, those with considerable wealth may want to take a particularly close look at their financial situations. Consulting with Kentucky attorneys regarding high asset divorce could help find the best possible legal avenues.