Divorce, child custody may impact Kentucky kids emotionally

As some Kentucky parents go through divorce proceedings, they may wonder about how to lessen the negative impacts the situation could have on their children. Because child custody agreements and other arrangements can significantly alter a child’s life, it is not unusual for kids to feel upset about these changes. Luckily, parents can take action to ensure that they are there for their children.

By practicing empathy, parents may be more likely to understand why their children may be acting out. It is common for children to express their emotions by carrying out behaviors that are not typical for them, and rather than meet disruptions with anger, parents may wish to remember that their kids may be struggling with the divorce. By allowing them to speak openly and have a say in certain changes, they may feel less overwhelmed.

Additionally, some children may need professional help in dealing with the stress of divorce. Young kids can be especially vulnerable during such a time, and if they have trouble expressing themselves, a professional therapist may be able to help. By gaining activities and coping mechanisms, both parents and children could benefit from counseling.

The way parents deal with each others’ emotions can also have an impact on kids. Rather than using child custody terms to punish one parent, they may wish to work together to create the best arrangement for everyone involved. If Kentucky parents are feeling uncertain as to what agreements may work in their children’s best interests, they may wish to consider consulting with legal professionals.

Source: The Huffington Post, “How to Have a Better Divorce“, Dr. Gail Gross, June 13, 2017