Discussing property division before marriage can be eye opening

When most people talk about divorce, they are either discussing a recent friend or family member who went through the process or their own pending proceedings. However, Kentucky couples do not have to wait until it is on their doorstep to begin thinking about divorce. In fact, right after deciding to marry may be a good time to discuss the possibility and come to terms on property division, alimony and other subjects.

Creating a prenuptial agreement can be a useful way to get divorce affairs in order before they are needed. However, talking about divorce does not necessarily have to stick to coming to terms on various divorce-related issues. In fact, talking about divorce before getting married could even help keep divorce at bay.

When engaged couples or those thinking about getting married discuss ending a marital relationship, they may be able to find out what each party may consider a final straw. Additionally, they could also find out how the other may work toward preventing divorce from taking place. As a result, they may learn more about each other and in turn become closer as couples.

Of course, discussing the details about who would get what in the event that divorce takes place can also be wise and eye-opening. Prenuptial agreements can be immensely helpful when it comes to property division proceedings, and they do not have to signal that Kentucky residents intend on getting divorced. These documents could simply be put in place to act as a safeguard in the event that relationships do not work out.

Source: Time, “When Should You Start Talking About Divorce? Right After You Get Engaged“, James Sexton, March 8, 2018