Control, manipulation may cause high asset divorce in Kentucky

The saying goes that money cannot buy happiness. For many Kentucky residents, this notion may be particularly true. Though they and their spouses may have a considerable amount of wealth, their marriages may not be filled with love and respect. Unfortunately, emotional abuse in these relationships may lead many individuals to filing high asset divorce petitions.

If individuals are married to emotional abusers, they may face a number of mentally taxing actions. Though a couple may be wealthy, an abusive spouse may limit the availability of money that the other person can access. Additionally, that spouse may also demand to check phone records, bills and other personal information as a way to control the availability of resources and the other person’s ability to have some semblance of independence.

Additionally, abusive parties may also use their wealth to buy gifts for a spouse rather than address relationship issues. Instead of talking about a problem or attempting to find a solution, a manipulative individual may just buy flowers or other gifts in attempts to brush off the problem. If a spouse refuses a gift, the other person may even take offense and try to make the spouse feel guilty.

Manipulative and other emotionally abusive behaviors can cause considerable detriment to relationships and individuals’ lives. If Kentucky residents feel that moving forward with a high asset divorce could be in their best interests, they may wish to determine their best courses of action. Experienced attorneys could help interested parties understand their options for escaping abuse, dividing complicated assets and overall ending the marriage.

Source:, “25 Signs of Emotional Abuse“, Sinta Ebersohn, Jan. 5, 2018