Communication may play role in high asset divorce

Even under the best of circumstances, ending a marriage can have its complications. When Kentucky residents go through a high asset divorce, there may be certain issues that could arise that may not pertain to other cases. Typically, the main concerns relate to property division proceedings and how to protect assets during this time.

Because the asset division process can be complex, parties may want to ensure that they know their property. They may feel more confident in their knowledge if they create a catalogue or inventory of their assets and their debts. This information may help them understand what could potentially be up for division and what assets they may be able to argue should remain separate property.

Parties going through this type of divorce may also want to try to remain open to communication. Though money can often cause contention, if individuals are able to negotiate and communicate effectively, they may have a greater chance of moving through the proceedings more quickly. If this is possible, each party may feel more in control and less like divorce is taking over their lives.

Though high asset divorce cases do have a greater tendency to become complicated, that does not necessarily have to be the outcome. Kentucky residents may be able to adequately prepare for their proceedings and allow their process to go more smoothly. Interested parties may wish to consult with their legal counsel to determine what strategies and steps may best help them during this time. Because each case is different, the decisions made will be unique to those involved.

Source:, “5 Things to Remember When You Get a Divorce“, Oct. 17, 2017