Communication may be important to child custody, co-parenting

Going through divorce as a parent poses many unique challenges. Kentucky parents may struggle with discussing the changes with their children, and they may also wonder about the terms of their child custody agreements. Though individuals may be able to come to amicable terms, there is still a chance that parenting after the divorce can pose its own difficulties.

In some cases, parents may struggle with having consistent rules for the kids in both households. One parent may feel more lax in his or her parenting while the other parent holds to strict discipline and routine. This type of inconsistency can pose challenges for the parents, and can also potentially have negative impacts on the children who will likely need structure and order during and after the divorce.

In order to remain on the same page, parents could find it useful to communicate. Though some parties may not want to have much contact with their exes, when it comes to the kids, effective communication will likely be necessary. In best cases, parents may be able to sit down together and discuss the rules that they want present in both homes and how those rules should be enforced.

When Kentucky parents are addressing their child custody arrangements, they may want to take this time to discuss their desired parenting plans. If they hope to co-parent, staying on the same page and working together may play a large role in that arrangement. If they cannot come to terms on their own, they may wish to discuss their desires and the interests of their children with knowledgeable legal counsel.

Source: The Huffington Post, “5 Ways Divorced Parents Can Provide Constancy for Their Children When There are Two Sets of ‘House Rules’“, Steve Mindel, Nov. 16, 2017