Child support modifications may prevent arrest in Kentucky

Facing responsibilities and handling obligations are realities of life. Almost everyone has some sort of duty that they would rather not have to deal with, but in most cases, serious consequences could result if they do not complete their necessary tasks. For some parents, paying child support is an obligation they must face, and if they do not, they could end up with jail time.

Kentucky residents may be interested in a police sweep that recently took place in another state. The sweep targeted individuals who had accrued a considerable amount of back child support. Reports indicated that 31 individuals were taken into custody over a three-day period in which officers served warrants and took the appropriate individuals into custody. Combined, the sought-after parties owed over $430,000 in unpaid support.

The individual who owed the most support was reportedly behind nearly $70,000. On the low end of the spectrum for this sweep, the parties owing the least had amounts that surpassed $1,000. Officers hope that reminding individuals of the consequences for not paying support will encourage parents to keep up with their commitments in order to provide for their children.

There can be many reasons why a parent falls behind on child support. Unfortunately, some of those circumstances may be beyond his or her control, and due to confusion about how to address the problem, support may continue to go unpaid. For Kentucky residents facing such a predicament, finding out information on support modification options may prove useful in helping them rectify the problem.

Source:, “31 arrested in child support payment sweep“, Suzanne Russell, April 19, 2017