Child support issues may affect Kentucky parents on both sides

After a divorce, families can face many issues for which they need to make adjustments. However, some problems that result from a situation in which one individual owes child support may not always be easily handled on one’s own. If Kentucky residents are in predicaments where support payments are not being made as dictated by the divorce agreement, legal action may be necessary.

Back child support is an issue that affects many people across the country. One county in another state recently reported that over $11.4 million in back support was owed. When individuals are not getting those needed payments, they can be negatively affected. For instance, one woman stated that she had to quit her job because she could not afford child care, and as a result, she and her children had to live off unemployment.

Though it was reported that most parents do receive the support they are due, this woman’s case is certainly not an isolated incident. It is also not just the custodial parents who can suffer. Parents who are obligated to make payments may find themselves unable to do so because their income levels are low. As a result, they could face serious repercussions, including jail time.

If Kentucky residents are facing child support difficulties, they may wish to consider their legal options. Individuals may be able to take action in efforts to get a parent to make the required payments. On the other hand, parents having a difficult time making payments may be able to seek support modifications. Whatever the case may be, experienced attorneys may be able to help.

Source:, “County parents owe $11.4M in past-due child support“, Daniel Walmer, Nov. 18, 2016