Child support concerns may stem from parental disability

When a Kentucky resident becomes a custodial parent, the situation can feel rewarding but also intimidating. Raising children on one’s own can present a considerable amount of hardships, especially on finances. As a result, courts often require a non-custodial parent to pay child support in efforts to help a custodial parent make ends meet.

When a custodial parent finds out that the other parent has developed a disability, concern over support payments may come about. If the other parent can no longer work or cannot hold the same job, income changes could take place. However, that parent still has an obligation to make payments unless the court provides an order for other arrangements, and support modifications could be sought for such outcomes.

What a custodial parent may want to keep in mind is that, if modifications do take place, contending with a lower support payment temporarily or even permanently may be necessary. If the disabled parent has disability insurance, a portion of the proceeds may go toward support payments. Additionally, if the non-custodial parent falls behind on payments, disability benefits and wages may be garnished to meet those payments.

Child support can be a touchy subject, and when changes could potentially come to an agreement, it can be even more difficult. If custodial parents are concerned about the potential changes in support due to another parent’s disability, they may want to gain more information on modification. Consulting with experienced Kentucky attorneys could help interested parties better understand how their support could be affected by various circumstances.

Source:, “Disability and Child Support“, Debrina Washington, April 29, 2018