Child custody terms can continue family feeling in Kentucky

For some individuals, the idea of ending a marriage may also mean the end of a family. However, divorce does not necessarily have to mean that a family is no longer a family. If divorced parents are able to remain amicable and come to civil child custody terms, it is very possible for individuals, including those in Kentucky, to still participate in activities as a family.

One former couple in another state recently made headlines due to how they approach a certain family activity. Reports stated that though the couple are no longer married, they continue to have family portraits made together with their now 4-year-old son. The mother of the child indicated that because of their son, she and her ex-husband share “the ultimate bond.”

As a result of the permanent bond created through their son, they chose to continue having these portraits made together. They went on to state that even though neither parent has entered into a new long-term relationship, any new spouses would also be included in future family portraits. The mother stated that she has seen a positive response from many individuals indicating how well their co-parenting technique seems to be working.

When it comes to child custody, the decisions made during divorce proceedings can have lasting impacts. In some cases, co-parenting may be a viable option that allows divorced couples to continue having a strong and equal connection with their children. If Kentucky residents are interested in co-parenting and joint custody agreements, they may wish to consult with their legal counsel to learn more about their options.

Source: CNN, “This divorced couple still takes a family portrait with their son“, Doug Criss, April 6, 2017