Child custody research suggests co-parenting remains beneficial

Kids are often the highlight of many Kentucky residents’ lives. Along with the joy and love that having children can bring, parents typically also worry about their children’s well-being and whether the choices the parents make will have negative impacts. This latter concern may make itself particularly prominent when individuals go through divorce and must come to child custody decisions.

The best arrangement for each family when it comes to custody can differ. However, more people are considering co-parenting when it comes to their arrangements in hopes of allowing both parents to remain in the kids’ lives. In a recent study, 1,500 families were examined to determine how the quality of co-parenting relationships affected the behavior and stress levels for children.

The research indicated that when parents did not have a healthy co-parenting relationship, the children more often displayed aggression and hyperactivity. It was also noted that instability and stress become more prominent when a romantic partner moved in with a parent due to the effects this action could have on the relationship between the biological parents. However, children whose parents continue to get along as best as possible may have fewer worries to contend with.

If Kentucky parents would like to find out more information on co-parenting, they may want to explore local legal resources. Additionally, they may also want to consider their particular circumstances to determine whether another child custody arrangement may work better for them. Assessing all possible options may help parents come to the best decisions in regard to such a sensitive topic.

Source:, “Positive Parenting: Divorce, co-parenting and kids“, Jessica Sanchez, April 5, 2018