Child custody: Parents may mourn pre-divorce arrangements

Divorce can take a serious toll on a person. Though ending the marriage may have been for the best, it can still cause individuals to feel as if they have encountered a serious loss. In particular, Kentucky parents may find themselves yearning for the days before child custody arrangements and the times when they could see their children whenever they wanted.

Though many people may not immediately associate the feeling of grief with divorce, it is not an uncommon feeling during this type of situation. Of course, some parties may not feel entirely certain of what they are grieving, especially if the relationship was not great. There are various types of small scenarios that parents may find themselves understandably grieving even after the divorce is finalized.

Small moments with their children often fill parents with joy. Therefore, parents may mourn the fact that they can no longer share in traditions with their children that they once did as an intact family. They may also miss the ability to help out at their children’s schools and feel for their children who now must grow up in two households.

Worrying about the kids and the parent-child relationship during and after divorce is common for Kentucky parents. Fortunately, individuals can use their child custody proceedings to work toward an outcome that allows them to feel comfortable with the amount of time they will be able to spend with their kids in the future. Of course, these proceedings can be difficult, especially if parents do not get along. Due to potential conflict, consulting with an experienced attorney on this area of family law may be wise.

Source:, “The Secret Grief Of Divorce You Never Talk About“, Karen Finn, March 17, 2018