Child custody may be primary concern during second divorce

Many individuals are likely to go through divorce at some point in their lives. Some Kentucky residents may even find themselves going through the process more than once. When moving forward with a second divorce, the issue of child custody may become even more pressing, especially if there are children from a previous marriage and the current marriage involved.

Though the first divorce may have occurred years ago, the outcomes of that process could impact the second divorce. As mentioned, custody could be a primary issue. If the agreement from the first settlement resulted in an individual having custody of those children during the week, he or she may vie for weekend custody of the children resulting from the second marriage or vice versa.

Other various aspects of the first divorce settlement could come into play as well. If a person owes alimony or child support to a former spouse, those financial factors could impact the outcomes for support surrounding a second divorce. Because income is reduced due to these payments, support amounts could be less. Knowledge of the process learned during an initial divorce could help individuals better navigate their current predicaments.

In many cases, a second divorce could prove more complicated than the first time around. Because more factors may come into play in regards to child custody and other aspects, Kentucky residents facing such a situation may want to fully assess their cases. Additionally, speaking with experienced attorneys could allow individuals to better understand how a second divorce may differ from the first and how prior settlement agreements may affect future outcomes.

Source:, “Special Considerations for a Second Divorce“, Katherine A. Nunziata, March 27, 2017