Child custody, living arrangements difficult decisions to make

Many Kentucky parents may feel that their custody terms are the most important part of the divorce process. Once a child custody agreement has been reached, they may feel at if a major hurdle has been jumped. However, another issue that will likely need addressing relates to the living arrangements of both the parents and the kids post-divorce.

While most arrangements typically involve one parent moving out of the family home or selling the house and both parents finding new living arrangements, a new trend may have some individuals interested. Bird nesting has gained more attention due to a sitcom based on this type of agreement. The situation involves children staying in the family home and the parents going from home to home rather than vice versa.

The positive aspects of this arrangement include helping the children face less disturbance while coming to terms with their parents’ divorce, and it could also allow home value to increase while the former couple works to determine when they would like to sell the home. Of course, it also has its downsides. Individuals would not only have to continue making necessary payments with the family home, but they would also have to contend with the expenses of their new residences. As a result, it could prove too costly to keep up.

Child custody terms and living arrangements are only a couple of the many decisions that need making during and after divorce. If Kentucky residents want to make sure that they come to the best terms for their circumstances, it may prove wise to explore the various custody options available to them. Because some agreements can be difficult to reach, interested individuals may want to consult with experienced legal professionals.

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