Child custody cases could present complexities in Kentucky

When a family wishes to adopt a child, it is important that the proper legal proceedings are followed in order to ensure that the adoption is valid. However, there are some cases in which an adoption could potentially be overturned if certain aspects of the process were not handled correctly. Kentucky residents may be interested in one child custody case currently underway in another state involving such factors.

Reports stated that the custody case began when the biological father of a now 3-year-old girl began seeking custody of the child. She had apparently been adopted while the man was in jail. She had been fostered by her adoptive family since she was removed from her biological mother’s custody at 3 weeks old. The adoption occurred in 2015.

During the adoption, the father’s parental rights were thought to have been terminated in order for the process to be completed. However, as part of the current custody case, it was ruled that the adoption was invalid because statutory grounds required to terminate the father’s rights had not been met. Now, it is likely that the girl will go into the custody of her biological father, but her adoptive parents are hoping for a re-hearing.

Many individuals could easily be affected by child custody complications. Because such issues can be complex and emotionally taxing, individuals may wish to prepare for their cases as best as possible. Kentucky residents who are facing similar predicaments may wish to speak with experienced family law attorneys who may be able to provide valuable insight and guidance.

Source: CBS News, “Emotional custody battle for South Carolina adoptive family“, Feb. 7, 2017