Chapman, Weinstein in line for a high asset divorce

Having millions of dollars can often allow individuals to feel financially secure. However, when some of those individuals find themselves going through a high asset divorce, they may soon begin to worry about potentially losing some of that security. These situations in particular can often result in complicated divorce cases that may take a significant amount of time to sort through.

Kentucky residents may find it unsurprising that in the wake of the sexual harassment allegations surrounding Harvey Weinstein, his wife Georgina Chapman is looking to file for divorce. Their case will certainly involve millions of dollars, but it was reported that the couple did have a prenuptial agreement in place. Certain terms of the prenup indicated that Chapman would receive more money in spousal support the longer the couple had been married at the time of their divorce.

The soon-to-be former couple recently reached their 10th anniversary, which means that Chapman is in line to receive $400,000 in support for each year they were married. If the couple do divorce within the next year, Chapman could receive approximately $11.75 million as part of the settlement. However, it was mentioned that her fashion line could face negative impacts due to having the Weinstein name attached to it.

Dealing with a considerable amount of money in divorce can make anyone feel uneasy. Even with prenuptial agreements and other stipulations in place, unexpected circumstances could arise. If Kentucky residents are facing this type of predicament, they may wish to find out more information on how they could potentially protect themselves and their assets during a high asset divorce.

Source:, “Georgina Chapman Worth A Lot Of Money? Prenup Could Give Harvey Weinstein’s Wife Millions, But She Could Also Lose Marchesa“, Melissa Siegel, Dec. 23, 2017