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Child Custody

Child custody cases could present complexities in Kentucky

February 16, 2017 in Child Custody

When a family wishes to adopt a child, it is important that the proper legal proceedings are followed in order to ensure that the adoption is valid. However, there are some cases in which an adoption could potentially be overturned if certain aspects of the process were not handled correctly. Kentucky residents may be interested […]

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Kentucky parents may fight for child custody rights

January 27, 2017 in Child Custody

Many parents may face struggles when it comes to being able to spend time with their kids. Some Kentucky residents may relate to one out-of-state man who is currently facing child custody issues regarding to his twin infants. Reports stated that the twins’ mother told the man he was not the father and that she […]

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Kentucky kids may feel affects of child custody transitions

January 16, 2017 in Child Custody

When it comes time for a marriage to end, many Kentucky residents may have a hard time breaking the news to their children. Young children can be especially affected by such news as they will likely have their lives considerably changed once child custody terms are agreed upon. However, many parents may be able to […]

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Thoughts for Parents Involved in a Move-Away Child Custody Battle

December 29, 2016 in Child Custody

Divorce is an unfortunate reality of society and initiating one is never an easy process. There is a significant amount of stress associated with dividing the assets between spouses. Furthermore, it is even more difficult when children are involved and more challenging still if one of the spouses is considering moving away with the children. […]

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What Custodial Parents Need to Do to Move out of State

December 23, 2016 in Child Custody

Child custody is a touchy subject, and it becomes all the more fragile if the custodial parent needs to move a substantial distance away. If you have sole or joint custody of your children and have an opportunity to move to another state, for example, your ex-spouse could protest and try to stop you from […]

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Kentucky parents may schedule around holiday child custody term

December 5, 2016 in Child Custody

It is that time of year again when cold weather and Christmas carols abound. For many individuals, the holiday season means hunting for the perfect gifts and figuring out family get-togethers. For recently divorced Kentucky parents, the latter issue may seem even more difficult as child custody agreements may determine how schedules are set. In […]

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Helping children deal with two homes

November 29, 2016 in Child Custody

Children whose parents are dividing their households into two may have a challenging time accepting their new reality. Instead of living together in the same household with both of their parents, they must now learn to live with each one separately. This can create a challenging situation for all who are involved because there are […]

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Kentucky parents may worry about child custody options

November 17, 2016 in Child Custody

The idea of losing any time with their children could be difficult for many Kentucky parents. As a result, if those parents go through divorce, child custody agreements may be a particular point of concern. Even if individuals are able to agree on a joint custody arrangement and utilize co-parenting, the adjustments may take some […]

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Legal options may help Kentucky residents with child custody

October 11, 2016 in Child Custody

Divorce is known to have serious impacts on those involved, and even those close to a divorcing couple may feel the repercussions. Children are particularly susceptible to being immensely impacted by divorce, and though parents may want to do the best they can when it comes to child custody, it is not uncommon for problems and […]

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