Can sleeping arrangements lead to high asset divorce in Kentucky?

Many Kentucky residents know that sleep plays a considerable role in people’s lives. Because a lack of sleep can cause someone to become irritated or not think as clearly, most individuals want to get their necessary amount of shut eye. What some parties may not consider, however, is how sleep and sleeping arrangements could affect a marriage. In some instances, those arrangements could potentially contribute to a high asset divorce.

Though many married couples choose to share the same bed, that is not the case for everyone. Some parties may want to sleep separately because they do not have sleep habits that allow for each person to get restful sleep. Snoring and other issues can often cause people to sleep separately simply for the sake of ensuring that each person gets enough rest.

Of course, sleeping separately can also point to other issues. If parties are having fights or other types of conflicts and choose to sleep apart, that type of action could indicate an unwillingness to address their issues. As a result, those problems could continue to grow until they become too overwhelming for the relationship to handle.

In cases of the latter scenario, the choice to end the marriage may begin to seem appealing. For individuals with a considerable amount of wealth, this may mean that they could be in for a high asset divorce. Because this type of divorce case could prove particularly cumbersome to handle, Kentucky residents facing such circumstances may wish to consult with their legal counsel to determine their best options for moving forward.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Column: Advice for couples sleeping in separate bedrooms“, Jackie Pilossoph, June 28, 2017